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1. This game is rated PG/13, due to swearing and some themes not appropriate for younger children. Because of this applicants must be 16+ to apply

2. Please no net speak. We understand that a lot of people use it in their day to day lives, but it's hard to read.

3. Do not start drama with another player. If you have a problem with them, please contact the mods via leaving us a message at the mod community located at [personal profile] abernathyadmin.

4. All major plot points such as death, pregnancy, marriage, natural disasters and the like must be approved by a mod.

5. No God Modding. People join RPs to have a good time and to play their own characters. If you do god mod someone's character (IE initiating a fist fight without first asking the other player) don't be upset if they respond in a way you don't approve such as by macing your character in the face.

6. We reserve the right to close enrollment for certain genders. majors, years etc, in order to keep things balanced. Please try not to apply for a girl singer if we have 5 but could really use a male townie. Applying for someone we need will make it far more likely for you to be approved.

7. If you are not applying from a personal journal you must leave an email address where the mods can reach you.

8. New players may apply for three characters to start. However if you chose to play more than one character, you must play at least one of each gender.

9. You may earn more characters in the future by good activity.

10. Mary Sue/Gary Stu = Bad. If your character becomes one you will be asked to leave.

11. You will be asked to update at least once every 14 days in order to be considered active. You will be reminded on the 10th day and given until the end of that week to either update or place your character on hiatus. If you do not do so, you will be removed for inactivity. If you know you will be unable to update for a certain amount of time due to an issue beyond your control please tell us.

12. We will do an activity sweep every two weeks and remind players that they are in need of an update. If you have to be reminded more than 3 times to update, you will be removed without question.

13. Surveys will not count as a character update, unless they are the kind in which your character will answer questions about themselves in it, or unless you are not nearing your 14 day update deadline.

14. This game is for original characters only. Your character may be based off of someone from fandom, but may not be identical.

15. Please remember just because someone doesn't want to pair with you or because their character may not get along with yours does not mean that person hates you.

16. This game is friends only, which means you must set your posts to friends only as well as friend all character journals. The friends button can be found here.

17. Group postings in the community such as poetry readings, concerts and parties are written in 3rd person, journal entries are done in 1st person. You may also use 3rd person if you would like to RP out a scene between yourself and just one or more other characters. Please use the following format.

18. All questions should be asked by leaving the mods a message at the mod community of [profile] abernatyadmin via this post. Also you may try posing questions at our OOC community [community profile] abernathyooc if you have a question for other players and not the mods.

19. AIM play maybe done, but will not be considered cannon to the game.

20. If conversations are meant to be private between only certain characters we ask that it is noted in the comment title so other characters will not be confused.

21. As the game is primarily set around Abernathy Institute for the arts, you will be asked to participate in 2 group posts, set at the school or a school related function. You may create your own, or attend one set up by someone else. However, a date post, between your character and someone else even on school grounds, does not count toward your total. It must be an open thread to all people.

22. If your application is denied it is because a majority vote of the mods, decided the character is not right for the game. You will be given the opportunity to edit and resubmit your application should this happen. However, if you create drama due to not being accepted, you will not be allowed to reapply.

23. Rules may be added, changed or removed as needed.


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